Pricing & Value Plans

These rates provide a fair estimation of how our services are priced. The minimum per visit charges shall be applicable for each service.

Appointment Reservation

  • Reserve Date
  • Spot Held
  • No Refund

2WD Dyno w/o Tune

$200/One Time
  • Dyno Prep
  • 3 Pulls
  • Dyno Sheet

Transmission Tune

$200/One Time
  • Add on to basic tune
  • Adjust Shift Points
  • Adjust Shift Firmness
  • Torque Control


  • Trouble Shoot Mechanical
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Consultation on your build

Flex Fuel / Racegas

$100/One time
  • Add on to Basic tune
  • Tune a 2nd fuel
  • 91 octane to E85 Blends
  • Racegas if map switching is a ecu option

Basic Tune

$450/One Time
  • Fuel
  • Timing
  • Variable Cams
  • Limiters
  • Basic Boost Control
  • Software Fee NOT included