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Bring your car into SQC Tuning to see
if it's at maximum performance!

All dyno-tuning is done in-house on our Dynojet 224xlc dynamometer.

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Eric can tune a plethora
of platforms starting at $300

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SQC Tuning has tuned over 5000 vehicles
all makes and models.

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Dyno & Street Tune Services

Dynameter Tuning

Dyno Tuning

SQC Road Tuning

Road Tuning


Electronics Install & Repair

Turbo Tuning

Turbo Applications

Get your vehicle tuned to it's optimal performance at any boost level.

Ethanol Tuning

E-85 Tuning

Take advantage of cheap race gas at the pump with a flex fuel tune. E85 can net you 100 to 114 octane.

Supercharger Tuning


We can tune your vehicle with Centrifugal, Roots, and Screw-Type blowers.

All Motor Tuning

Naturally Aspirated

Get the most out of your All motor build by letting us optimize your fuel, timing, and cam phasing.

Nitrous Tuning

Nitrous Oxide Tuning

Whether you are on a switch or a progressive, we can dial that in for you.

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Race & Pump Gas

Add on a second fuel to your Basic tune to get the most performance possible out of your car.

We Keep Growing And Growing!

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SQC Tuning

SQC Tuning is your local performance automotive tuning headquarters. Eric Dotson, owner and tuner, has over 15 years tuning experience maximizing horsepower for thousands of New Mexico’s best rides. SQC Tuning can tune pretty much anything from high-revving, high compression naturally aspirated motors to extreme turbo motors making 4-digit horsepower to custom drift cars to your brand new car straight from the dealer. Eric is always continuing to add new systems to the SQC Tuning repertoire to stay at the cutting edge of technology and constantly continues his education on new systems, EFI, Ecu’s and  from traction controls, multi-fuel systems, boost control and staged nitrous. Our primary goal is to optimize your horsepower while keeping your car safe. We offer custom consultation to help achieve your horsepower goals and with an in-house 2wd dynojet 224x and access to awd dynojet we can accommodate everything from your daily driver to extreme racecars. 

Eric Dotson, Owner/Master Tuner

SQC Tuning.

Making sure your car is at it's best performance!

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